For my last blog i’ll be talking about inclusive design. in our field we deal with lots of cultures, in order to make collaborative projects you need to communicate with everyone, you cant just create for yourself. you need to look into it a lot, is your videos going to effect people with eye problems or prone to having seizures if so put warnings beforehand or make another version for those people. Is the font big enough for everyone to read is there and audio option for people who are visually impaired. before creating something you need to educate yourself about ones culture and race. learn what certain phrases and signs might mean in other countries. for example the peace signs in North Korea means something to do with violence. There are sites that talk about cultural appropriation, reinforcing stereotypes in depth. It is also good to get second opinions of your work just incase you’re not sure if something might be offensive.

We also took a test was put online by our teacher, there were many one was for race gender, weight, religion, disability and many more to check how biased or un biased our opinion were. we discussed about negative backlashes on work we created and how to respond to that, some of the points included : Stop talking ads tart listening, repeat after me “this isn’t about me” , intent doesn’t matter; actions matter, Apologize for your action, not just for their effects, Acknowledge your privilege and lastly educate yourself.


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  1. I feel like inclusive design can make all difference to a piece of work in so many ways. An inclusive design piece of work takes a lot of work to get just right. For example, an inclusive design film it can make all the difference as to how well it does in the cinemas in terms of does it connect with people of just a certain demographic or a larger scale.


  2. I agree with andrea on this topic, inclusive design is just a way of showing people that we acknowledge them as well, no certain group of peopel should be left out for no matter what reason, be it hard of hearing, visual impairment or anythign else for that matter, we as filmmakers, create content for people to watch, and if we dont make it for the fans of the style, then its completely pointless isnt it?


  3. especially nowadays we need to include everyone in everything, not everything is about us, we need to think of others when we create content, sometimes we need to forget about us and think of our fans.


  4. Inclusive design is very important in order to maintain a good relationship with the consumer throughout. No one should be made to feel left out and every aspect of your product or your art should be considered and well thought out before being released. We as content creators are nothing without our consumers or our fans and so inclusive design is something that should be thoroughly researched by us. Companies should always keep in the mind the diversity and uniqueness of each individual.


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